Diane Tye

Diane Tye is a Professor in the Department of Folklore, Memorial University, where she has taught since 1995. She is a past president of the Folklore Studies Association of Canada, a past member of the American Folklore Society (AFS) Executive Board, and a past co-editor of Digest, the online the journal of AFS’s Foodways Section. Dr. Tye is author of Baking as Biography: A Life Story on Recipes (2010) and co-editor with Pauline Greenhill of Undisciplined Women: Tradition and Culture in Canada (1996) and Unsettling Assumptions: Tradition, Gender, Drag (2014). Her research explores a diverse range of subjects from cultural understandings of regionally iconic foods like boloney, molasses and home-baked bread, to Atlantic Canadian bachelorette parties, and representations of Christmas mummering in Newfoundland and Labrador.